Good Good Piggy Ad shoot

The TOTS Calendar Kids shot for an important Ad with our reward partner, Good Good Piggy on February 12th 2023 in Delhi, and what a memorable shoot it was indeed!

These cutie kids turned their charm on for the shoot as they were taken through the concept and were given the freedom to alter dialogues and scenes so they were comfortable with the camera. The kids were explained the whole concept of the Digital Piggy Bank and the breaking of the gullak was significant in doing away with our age old mitti ka gullak and turning to this modern way of financial literacy. The gullak-breaking became kind of the highlight.

What made this event interesting was that the kids were educated about financial literacy through the whole shoot and the interactive games that the kids played along with the parents made for insightful moments together. Although there were so many kids, the shoot was planned immaculately with various sections created as shoot sets, the kids favourite things as snacks and the whole team playing wonderful hosts to everyone there.

Tots is always so delighted to collaborate with a brand like Good Good Piggy which is changing lives of kids and parents with their futuristic concepts and making financial planning easier for families.

Handbook to uncomplicated parenting!

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