We believe that content is one thing that sets most businesses apart from the rest of the crowd. It’s how we communicate that tells our story effortlessly. With over 2o years of experience driving the company, we can say that we have effectively built a format that works, and that is visible in the services we offer.

A holistic ecosystem for parents and children alike, was the aim when TOTS magazine was founded. TOTS is your safe haven for all things related to parenting in the modern age. We give voice to the entire gamut of parenting to support and educate parents and help them to bring up their children in the healthiest way possible.

Our motto is to form a promising community of parents and experts from different walks of life to share reliable information, suggestions, experiences, and knowledge.

TOTS aims to be a platform to bring together an era of parenting community that supports the ever-evolving parental lifestyle and techniques. TOTS caters to travel buffs, readers, health freaks, beauty mavens, food enthusiasts, anxious parents, organized parents, or tech geeks.

Our monthly magazine and websites have tips and solutions along with just feel-good material that helps individuals cope with the pressure of parenthood.